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Hyundai H-1

People on the Move...In Style

The H-1 van is a practicle, hard-working tool of commerce designed by Hyundai to meet your transport requirements. The specification revolves around a spacious cargo compartment with first-class access thanks to the sliding door each side and twin rear doors. the Two-or three seater is for operators who need maximum carrying capacity, while the five-or six - seater is for those who need to combine cargo capicity with extra passenger space.

Also, the H-1 wagon is the answer when delivering people takes priority over packages. The nine seater wagon is at home in a variety of business and leisure roles - as a hotel shuttle, for tourists on sight-seeing trips or for taking sports club members (and their gear) to the big event. they will travel in considerable style.

Low running cost, high refinement and the dependability of Hyundai make the H-1 a trusted business partner. Let's get to work.

Make work comfortable and efficient. Test Drive one now.