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Hyundai Tucson


At its best, life flows with a natural rhythm. Harmonious and instinctive, taking you exactly where you want to go. When it does, we imagine just what might be acheived. Because, well, anything seems possible.

So close your eyes and your ideal car is conjuredup. One that doesn't just take you places, but conveys you with flair grace. That looks like it's moving forward even when it's standing still. The tucson is a synthesis of flawless, cutting-edge design, emboding style in every curve. Sportly and powerful, yet at the same time, refined and relaxed. Its hexagonal radiator grille exuding strength, just as its sloping tail gate, oversize rear bumper and aggressive, low-slung stance convey purpose and sophistication. Your vision of a car, in three dimensions.

Give your dreams a shape. Test drive one now at your nearest showroom.


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